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Montefeltro Renaissance Sights - The Project
Landscapes are a common good, they're everyone's heritage

The Montefeltro Renaissance Sights (MVR) project aims at shedding light on "invisible landscapes" and at unveiling those "art places" that Renaissance painters chose as background landscapes for their paintings and that nature and men had been hiding for five long centuries.

The MVR project aims at bringing back to life these discovered landscapes, both culturally and historically.

The project was conceived by Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci, two landscape seekers, with the help of a promoter, Silvia Storini, under the brand MVR, Montefeltro Renaissance Sights. Our goal is that of creating, in the Montefeltro area, a new, alternative and unique museum concept.
The Province of Rimini and the Province of Pesaro and Urbino are part of this project together with the Municipality of San Leo, leader in the project's development.
Italy, for its rich cultural and environmental heritage, can be considered a living museum itself. Its well managed heritage can be appreciated by visiting institutionalised places: museums. With the MVR project art is no longer admired inside a frame or in a museum hall: the visitor has the chance to directly enter the painting and its landscape.
Our museum will be an unconventional one, a museum in the open, in the sun, in the wind, "closer to the sky". Accounts will be lively, dynamic and interactive. The discovery, in the Montefeltro area, of the background landscapes of Piero della Francesca and other painters is a valuable treasure and represents an absolutely unique and original tourist and cultural offer. The MVR project also aims at carrying out further research on the landscapes painted in the Montefeltro area.
Besides Piero della Francesca, the works of many other great painters are currently being analysed. In the years to come, the results of these analyses will be published in order to identify and organise other observation points enriching our open-air museum.
A fruitful cooperation has already been established with the academic world and several important scientific initiatives will also be promoted such as courses, workshops and partnerships on landscape studies-related issues.

Landscape Seekers Consultants

Silvia Storini Silvia Storini

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MA in Environmental Sciences with a thesis on the "Morphological, depositional and faunal aspects of the coast overlooking the cliff of Mount San Bortolo (Pesaro)". Since 2002, she has been dealing with the conception, planning and organizing of events and initiatives for local promotion.
Over the years she also gained a vast amount of experience in the study and planning of tourist tours aimed at promoting the local area, its history, traditions and charming landscapes.

She's dynamic, creative and has a natural talent for public relations. She also works as a consultant for public and private bodies (San Bartolo Park Authority, Grande Albero Ambiente, Grande Albero Turismo e Cultura, Province of Pesaro and Urbino). Her brilliant organizing skills allow her to take care of every aspect of a project from technical requirements to logistics and contents. She is also in charge of projects' graphic design and information material, coordinating the job with the press office and the local press. She moreover manages and updates companies' internet sites and controls and analyzes tourist promotion activities in the area.

Davide Barbadoro Davide Barbadoro

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Since 2005 he is the Chairmen of San Leo 2000 (
From 1997 to 2010 he was the Chairmen of the cooperative Grande Albero Ambiente.
From 2008 to 2010 he was the Chairmen of the cooperative Grande Albero Turismo e Cultura.

From 1995 to 2011, he dealt with training activities in the field of environmental education.

Today, he manages mainly local promotion initiatives and organizes events.
Some projects, tours and proposals he put forward are considered to have been extremely innovative and interesting and allowed the world to get to know the Centre of Italy in a new, fascinating and exciting way through an approach that aims at turning a travel into a discovery, a discovery into an emotion and an emotion into the desire to come and visit the region again.
The leading company and partners for MVR project

Municipality of San Leo
The Municipality of San Leo is pleased and proud to contribute to the implementation of this project whose potential is incredible. Citt� di San Leo (Rimini)

There is no better way to get to know, to discover and to explore a region than to link the Montefeltro area to world-known figures. These painters are considered, all over the world, as living emblems of excellent quality, beauty and as prominent representatives of the world of arts.

This project has the merit of tapping into the fame of Italian Renaissance (but not only) and its protagonists, who have undoubtedly left indelible marks in this area by travelling along its roads. Those roads that still exist and that can still be taken, are paths of incredible charm.

If you will take the chance to travel along those old roads, you will be surprised by the charm of every new landscape and you will slow up, unable not to take pictures. You will see a mixture of rocky crags, dizzy mountain peaks, unexpected ridges and sweet clay hills in different colours and nuances. They are the result of a complex geological history and they provided inspiration for several works of art.

They cross a region scattered with castles, towers and churches telling the story of a geographical area that, in the past, was undoubtedly the protagonist of a great deal of Italian history, much more than it is today.
Today, visitors stop by as astonished and enchanted as visitors from ancient times.
Those sites surely represented major cultural and political centres at the time. The old roads connecting them winded through mountain crests, following criteria very different from the ones we adopt today in our road layout planning.
It is therefore easy to imagine that Piero della Francesca, for example, travelling from Sansepolcro to Rimini, was struck by a landscape that is so unique and peculiar, in geomorphological terms, to choose it as a background for his paintings.
Many other prominent figures also mentioned, in their works, the sensations experienced in the Montefeltro area: Dante Alighieri has the dizzy crag of San Leo in mind when he describes the geomorphological features of the Purgatory.
Why being surprised by that? Modern scientific disciplines (like geomorphology, geology, paleoclimatology, etc.) offer useful tools to verify and prove our intuitions, to carry out further research on every single painting the same way we carefully checked all historical and art sources.

After so much planning and talking, about the beauty of our area and our landscapes, which is of course important, the Montefeltro area has, today, a great opportunity. Public actors, although lacking of economic resources, understood its full potential: the first public body supporting this initiative was GAL, Montefeltro Leader, from Urbania and many others will follow. A challenge in the challenge will undoubtedly be giving this project a cross-regional approach. We invite all the social and economic actors and all those who wish to promote this incredible project with a clear media potential to join us in order to adopt initiatives that will have real and tangible effects on the region.

Mauro Guerra,
Sindaco del Comune di San Leo