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Soldiers and angels of Valmarecchia
Soldiers and angels of Valmarecchia
November 12
A cultural trekking in Alta Valmarecchia, looking for the tracks of the ancient Montecopiolo castle and for a rare landscape: the Nativity by Piero Della Francesca, narrated by the great Renaissance painter.

An expert archaeologist will unveil before our eyes the ancient legacy of one of the most ancient fortresses in this territory: the castle of Montecopiolo. The ruins are part of the daring project by Montecopiolo archaeological park, located at 1,030 meters above sea level.

The archaeological and stratigraphic investigations revealed a very articulated complex of defensive structures built before the eleventh century.

After the tour, we will begin an amazing walk to the peak of Monte Palazzolo (approx, 1 hour), at 1,100 meters above sea level, from which we will enjoy a panorama stretching from Adriatic sea to Alpe della Luna.

On the top of the mountain we will find the balcony of Nativity by Piero della Francesca. If we observe the whole territory of “Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali” project, this is the only installation  that can only be reached by foot. 


On the background of the painting it is easy to identify the rocky wall of Montone mountain, right next to Montecopiolo. On the top of the mountain we will meet and get to know Piero della Francesca, who will narrate his journey from Borgo Sansepolcro.

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