In 1400, Flavio Biondo describes the Battle of the Metaurus as follows: “The Metauro River, also called by Lucano the fast river, is extremely famous for the victory of Livio Salinatore and Claudio Nerone over Asdrubale the Carthaginian... Right above Sempronious’ forum, for eight miles, the Metauro River flows through Firmano, in the area of Urbino, where there is a mountain called Mount Asdrubale. Right over there, according to Livio’s accounts, Asdrubale was probably killed”.

Here is a short historical explanation of the excerpt: I Trionfi by Piero della Francesca

Asdrubale, general of the Carthaginian army, after the second Punic War against the Romans in Spain, left for Italy in order to reunite his army with that of his brother, Annibale... “With an army of approximately 30.000 men, he crossed the Alps following the road mapped out, years before, by his brother. In order to prevent the two armies from reuniting, the Romans sent their legions, guided by the two consuls in charge that year, Caio Claudio Nerone and Marco Livio Salinatore. The decisive battle between the Romans and the Carthaginians took place in the valley of the Metauro River, in 207 BC.
Asdrubale died in that battle, the Romans won and in order to strike a heavier blow to Annibale’s pride, they cut his brother’s head and threw it in his encampment.”