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The second landscape to be discovered is the one on the back of the triumphal chariots of the Dukes of Urbino. Battista and Federico face one another on the natural balcony of Pieve del Colle, with the incredibly stunning Metauro valley right below them.
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 I Trionfi 

The valley depicted in the Triumphs is a wide plane crossed by the Metauro River and covering the municipalities of Urbania, Fermignano and Acqualagna.

The valley is surrounded by a chain of hills forming a sort of natural amphitheatre. On the first natural balconies and on the highest hills there’s always a parish church, a chapel or a monastery: San Pietro, Pieve del Colle, San Lorenzo, Farneta, Castellaro, Santa Maria di Repuglie, Pieve di Silvano, and Santa Maria in Casale. On the back of it, right next to Fermignano, we find the glorious and towering Mondelce, once called Monte d’Adrubale.

In order to describe and paint this valley Piero used, once more, a bird’s eye view. From Pieve del Colle he goes up, at about 1000 meters above sea level, embracing an area that goes from the plane land of San Silvestro upon Metauro up to Urbino, to the Cesane and Furlo Mountains, shading off in mountains that are smaller and smaller until he gets to Ancona and Mount Conero.

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