Ritratto di Federico da Montefeltro

We are on the plain land of the Metauro River, across three different Municipalities: Urbania, Peglio and Sant'Antangelo in Vado
Ritratto di Federico da MontefeltroRitratto di Federico da Montefeltro
 Ritratto di Federico da Montefeltro 

The entire landscape corresponds to a bird’s eye view from a place called Ca’Mocetto, right above the town of Urbania, including an area that goes from the Metauro plain to the crag of Peglio.
On the back, right above the horizon, lies the town of Sant’Angelo in Vado and, right behind it, the Tuscan-Marchean Apennines and the Massa Trabarea area. The mountain massif of Alpe della Luna, the Mounts Sasso Simone, Sasso Simoncello and Carpegna can be easily identified.

The Metauro River winds through the plane, among cultivated lands and rows of trees until its river bed gets wider and turns into a lake. On the left of our painted landscape, the river and the lake skirt the huge and pleasant hunting estate of the Lords of Montefeltro: The Barco Ducale. At the bottom left, had Piero added a couple more brushstrokes, we could have admired the Ducal Palace and the old town of Casteldurante. Right behind Federico, on the right side of the painting, we have a view of the whole valley, crossing cultivated lands, meadows and woods of fir trees and oaks (or “cerque”, as they are referred to in the local dialect) up to the suggestive Fortress of Peglio. An extraordinary topographic representation portraying faithfully every detail of this landscape.

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