Montefeltro Renaissance Sights - The Project

Landscapes are a common good, they're everyone's heritage

The Montefeltro Renaissance Sights (MVR) project aims at shedding light on "invisible landscapes" and at unveiling those "art places" that Renaissance painters chose as background landscapes for their paintings and that nature and men had been hiding for five long centuries.
The MVR project aims at bringing back to life these discovered landscapes, both culturally and historically.
MVR: The Montefeltro Renaissance Sights Bringing back to life landscapes Renaissance painters background landscapes Real art landscapes by Piero della Francesca Landscapes culturally and historically
The project was conceived by Rosetta Borchia and Olivia Nesci, two landscape seekers, with the help of a promoter, Silvia Storini
Italy, for its rich cultural and environmental heritage, can be considered a living museum itself. Its well managed heritage can be appreciated by visiting institutionalised places: museums. With the MVR project art is no longer admired inside a frame or in a museum hall: the visitor has the chance to directly enter the painting and its landscape.
Our museum will be an unconventional one, a museum in the open, in the sun, in the wind, "closer to the sky". Accounts will be lively, dynamic and interactive. The discovery, in the Montefeltro area, of the background landscapes of Piero della Francesca and other painters is a valuable treasure and represents an absolutely unique and original tourist and cultural offer. The MVR project also aims at carrying out further research on the landscapes painted in the Montefeltro area.
Besides Piero della Francesca, the works of many other great painters are currently being analysed. In the years to come, the results of these analyses will be published in order to identify and organise other observation points enriching our open-air museum.
A fruitful cooperation has already been established with the academic world and several important scientific initiatives will also be promoted such as courses, workshops and partnerships on landscape studies-related issues.