Piero & the Wolf

August 5 - A very special resident still lives in the landscapes of Piero Della Francesca, in Montefeltro: the Wolf. During the day we will meet the renowned renaissance artist, who will tell us about life in Montefeltro in the sixteenth century. At night, using the WOLF HOWLING technique, we will listen to the Wolves and their howling.

Piero & the Wolf

In the late fifteenth century, Piero Della Francesca traveled the peaks and valleys of Montefeltro, painting the landscapes before his eyes. This event, dedicated to families, is an immersion in the landscapes of the past. We will see what changed over the centuries and what, instead, is still exactly the same. 

The excursion will begin in the late afternoon with the visit to the Renaissance balconies, panoramic views from which Piero Della Francesca used to observe the landscapes he painted in his masterpieces.

We will meet the Master himself.

We will have dinner together at sunset, waiting for dusk and listening to the story of the Wolf in this territory. This is just the first taste of the following adventure for nature lovers only, awaiting us at night.  


Finally, together with expert naturalists, we will use the WOLF HOWLING technique to find out if the Wolf still lives in these territories, like in middle Ages. Will we be able to hear an answer?


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